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Hues n Barks

Zooms on the natural strokes on the Tree Barks – an attempt to strike a light, before the thunderous axe falls on Stunning Tree Bark images.


18 Stunning Tree Bark images
Fallen Twigs


Trees!  Sacrificed their lives for the bipeds, far before the bipeds were known as hominids. They provided food, shelter, cloths and fire to lit up the dawn of the so called human civilization and gave us papyrus to write our story, which now became history. 

But even earlier to this, nature started engraving its remarks on the tree trunks by a biological time signature. These growth rings turned into an environmental graph of our earth, accurately marking the high degree of seasonal temperatures, rainfalls and other climatic changes in a living tree for a few thousand years towards the future.

stunning tree bark images
Living Abode


But when “We” the hominids started to fly, the atmospheric changes became drastic and unstable. Because of our interference – deforestation, greedy usage of  earthly resources – the natural writings on the trees became complicated. Now we need a pair of esoteric eyes to see the etchings on the barks, we should have a light sensitive instrument to capture it and would need an empathic heart to create and depict it as an art form for human understanding.

13 Melting Sorrow 1 1
Melting Sorrow


15 Prayer of the Garden 1 1
Prayer in the Garden


Here the artist is not a creator, in fact, he invites you to see an unnatural incident, through an artistic point of view. This photo essay rewrites the laws of Art a lot. It narrates a tree’s life using 18 monumental frames, which is already carved on the tree barks for years. Starting with a gliding seed named SOUL IN A WOMB,  to a burned forest – SOUL HOLOCAUST. It flows throw the lyrical titles like Sprouting Angels, Seeing Greater Apes, Confronting a Strange Being, Warmth of a Pith, When the Axe Shines, Conquering Termites, Leaf in a Labyrinth and Human Claws.

16 When the Axe Shines 1 1
When the Axe shines








Even a daguerreotype long exposure is enough to capture the images on the trees trunks, to give a relentless emotional movement on its wooden surface, in other words Stunning Tree Bark images.


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