Believe in the being Ever!

Believe in the being is an Inspiration... Few of us have already grown beyond Human...and became Beings...

Believe in the being ever, there will be a Lifetime of Willingness and Struggling, Decades of Learning and Practices, Years of Explorations and Misleads, Months in Conceiving and left outs, Days of Anxiety and Pain, Finally a Moment of Actualization !!!After all, it seems like a Gift.
A part of our sale proceeds shall be dedicated for the survival of the Victimized… Down to Earth lives
Jacek Tylicki - Genuine QuestsArt n Active
May 9, 2021

Jacek Tylicki – Genuine Quests

Jacek Tylicki - An Artist Asks An Artist Asks all questions to himself before he asks the world A briefing to Jacek Tylicki by Uday Hue Jacek Tylicki Wikipidea…
Bilingual Poems EbooksArt n Active
May 8, 2021

How to get inspired to write poems?

How to get inspired to write poems? The answer simple. As a person, living in present day urban ambiance, I conceived few thoughts by observing babies. They are used to hear…
11 Fallen Twigs 1 1Art n Active
May 5, 2021

18 Stunning Tree Bark images

Hues n Barks Zooms on the natural strokes on the Tree Barks - an attempt to strike a light, before the thunderous axe falls on Stunning Tree Bark images.   Fallen…
Jadav Payeng his forest resize mdBelieve in the Being.
August 4, 2020

Jadav Payeng

  Jadav Paying created a forest by himself at Majuli island, In Brahmaputra river, the largest river islands in the world. I am not wondering the size and the variety…