Music visuals in mind

New Release... Last Track of new album Synesthesia...

Music visual in mind

Gajaayana A Wildest Walk…


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Symphonic Programme Music


Symphony, a Musical style composed on well diversified tones called Orchestra, has been divided into couple of different Movements (sections). The style, now known as Western Classical Music, has  gone through  numerous experiments over time.

Programme Music

Music for the sake of music is known as Absolute Music. On the other hand, Programme Music Is composed as a theme, for a story line, usually having dramatic sequences which will be visualized Musically.

Symphonic Programme Music

Narrates  a story using the orchestrated tones. Many composers used to create their music in this style during the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras.
Franz List and Antonio Vivaldi, were just the two in that  long list.

Performing Gajaayana ... and Synesthesia...


Analog audio processing or Synthesizing started early 20th Century. Now it has developed through Electronics and Software based sound designing capabilities.
The Natural, Software designed sounds n noises is used to visualize the flow of silence in time. Inspired from all creative possibilities, together with the story telling tradition of Symphonic Programme Music.


Soon you may hear to the Hues...the new album

Synesthesia !  A barely explained sensual abstraction

One among them is an over-flowing sensation of Musicality to Colours.

There are so many other solid experiences  in our civilized world

like Sound > Color >Emotions…

Maybe like the sound of an Ambulance >Color of the fire > Fear, Anxiety and more…

The Synesthesia Evolves as
> Black in Darkness
> Bluish Sphere
> Blurring Green
> Yellow Metals
> Reddish Burns
> Retina Nuerons
> Skintone
And > Raining on the Sun
On Air Soon

The Synesthesia Bleeds from Black to White as Color...

The Synesthesia harmonize Bass and Treble as Music...

Synesthesia lives through Birth to Death...

and Vanishing points... Synesthesia...