Cluster Image 3


All Image Clusters are printed on Inkjet Ultra Photo Satin (200 gsm) paper. Framed in 15″x15″ by 1″ thickness and without glass.

You may select them individually or print on ACP and Acrylic.

For ACP and Acrylic, a pair of Hangers having the size of 1 Feet in length and 5mm thickness are provided along with screws. 

Image Quality will be the best of its class, but the Color may vary on your monitors.

For Reset Press CLEAR.

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Sample of Acrylic and ACP

Moving Horizon 1Moving Horizon

For Acrylic and ACP there will be 2 hangers; which will balance the weight equally, for longer life.

Acrylicacp 3

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Cluster 3

Actuals, Actuals 1, Actuals 2, Actuals 3, Budha Sleep, Budha Sleep 1, Budha Sleep 2, Budha Sleep 3, Creating Destruction, Creating Destruction 1, Creating Destruction 2, Creating Destruction 3, Dancing God, Dancing God 1, Dancing God 2, Dancing God 3, Darjiling, Darjiling 1, Darjiling 2, Darjiling 3, Kanthamandu, Kanthamandu 1, Kanthamandu 2, Kanthamandu 3, Lion on Man, Lion on Man 1, Lion on Man 2, Lion on Man 3, Secured, Secured 1, Secured 2, Secured 3, Sky scapes, Sky scapes 1, Sky scapes 2, Sky scapes 3, Trio, Trio 1, Trio 2, Trio 3, Desert Cart, Desert Cart 1, Desert Cart 2, Desert Cart 3, Wadi rum, Wadi rum 1, Wadi rum 2, Wadi rum 3, Wheels on Rest, Wheels on Rest 1, Wheels on Rest 2, Wheels on Rest 3, Willos, Willos 1, Willos 2, Willos 3, Wooden Fossil, Wooden Fossil 1, Wooden Fossil 2, Wooden Fossil 3

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