Environmental Issue Music Elephant

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Gajaayana – A wildest walk – Apple Loseless


Environmental Issue Music Elephant

Environmental Issue Music Elephant : Synthfonic Program Music

Gajaayana a brief walk…
Environmental Issue Music Elephant

It’s an abstract sound spectrum of a tortured being. An Elephant, been victimized for human greed. The beat starts roaming in the wilderness, suddenly trapped and pushed to pitfall, battling to escape and hopelessly, falling into senseless. 

2 reviews for Environmental Issue Music Elephant

  1. Pratima Sagar

    Deep into the belly of earth, the sounds of jungle come alive like an abstract painting …. before a narrative draws you in or unfolds into the lives of elephants, the not so lucky ones are caught, displaced and enslaved to lead a life in heavy chains and locks…. the music itself seems to yearn for liberation….. being a dancer and animal activist I am so inspired to give physical movement to these earthy yet esoteric sounds….. 🙏🌺🙏

  2. Menuka

    Its Amazing!!! Felt the heartbeat inside me. Heard using my headphones. So much minute details. Can’t imagine how you did this??!! Wonderful!!

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